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MJC Halaal Trust Halal Certificate Accreditation

MJCHT Halal Certificate Accreditation
  • The Halal Certified Facility / Business


  • 1.1 There must, at least, be two trained, fulltime Muslim workers (Muslim supervision), especially in the
    production / processing / handling and kitchen section of the ḥalāl certified facility or business. (See the attached document on “Conditions for Muslim workers”).

    1.2 All apparatuses, tools and the working areas of the ḥalāl certified premises must, at all times, be clean and
    free from being contaminated or cross-contaminated by any substance that is considered non-ḥalāl and/or impure (najis), or harmful to health (i.e. total separation and in accordance with the international Good Manufacturing & Food Processing Practices).

    1.3 All approved animals/poultry must be slaughtered, processed, transported and stored in accordance with
    Islāmic laws and hygiene conditions (as indicated in the attached “Islāmic Hygiene” document).

    1.4 All ḥalāl products must be prepared, handled, processed, packaged, sold, transported or stored (i.e.
    commercialized) in such a way that the product remains clean, uncontaminated, unspoiled and free from any non-ḥalāl (ḥarām) products.

    1.5 All sources of product-ingredients or raw material must be ḥalāl-complaint, thus ḥalāl-certified.

    1.6 The suppliers must be suppliers of only ḥalāl materials and/or they are suppliers who are bona-fides ḥalāl
    certificate holders.

    1.7 The transportation for ḥalāl products must be separated from the non-ḥalāl products

    1.8 All containers, fridges, equipment, utensils, etc. must be free from contamination of ḥarām products (as
    indicated in the attached “Contamination & Ḥarām Products” document).

    1.9 Inspectors representing the MJC Halaal Trust shall have access to the premises to conduct the necessary
    inspections, at any time, without prior appointment, but observing business protocol on entering.

    1.10 Ḥalāl Audits shall be conducted, from time to time, without prior appointment, but observing business protocol on entering.


  • The MJCHT Halal Certificate or Logo


  • 2.1 The halal certificate is valid for the year of issue, only.

    2.2 The Certificate Holder must display the original ḥalāl certificate in a clearly visible position within their halal operating premises.

    2.3 The halal certificate remains the property of the MJC Halaal Trust (MJCHT).

    2.4 The use of the MJCHT halal certification is bound by all the laws and regulations, as practiced in South Africa.

    2.5 The halal certificate is non-negotiable, not-lendable and non-transferable; and it may not be forged, photocopied, misused or altered in any way.

    2.6 Should there be any change of name and address of the factory/premises; product brand, ingredients, flavouring, or additives; or change in manufacturer’s details, or suppliers and any relevant information of the company; or change of ownership, the Certificate Holder must notify the MJCHT with immediate effect.

    2.7 In the event of transfer of ownership, the halal certificate becomes null and void.

    2.8 The new owner must make his/her own application for halal certification.

    2.9 If there is any contravention of the MJCHT Certification Procedures & Conditions or there are suspicious matters, or the handling of products is against the Sharī’ah Compliance Conditions, the MJCHT will revoke or terminate the MJCHT Certification Contract, at any time and the MJCHT’S halal certificate will be withdrawn.

    2.10 In the event of the withdrawal of the halal certificate, the MJCHT’s Product Logo on all printed packaging must be removed and destroyed.

    2.11 Duplicate certificates may be issued by the MJC Halaal Trust by special request under special conditions.

    The Certificate Holder is liable for any misuse or fraudulence of the certificate, which is subject to laws of the South African Legislature.


  • Renewal of Halal Certification


  • Submission of halal certification for renewal process should be submitted at least three (3) months before the expiry date along with a completed Application Form and other relevant documents.


  • The Fee Structure


  • 4.1 The halal certificate fee structure-calculation is based entirely on the type of the production/facility (such calculations are finalized before the application is approved).

    4.2 A nominal initial inspection fee is payable immediately prior to inspection to cover costs of transportation, inspection and administration.

    4.3 A fee will be imposed for every new application, renewal, product addition and branch addition (food premises).

    4.4 An invoice covering such fees will be issued by the MJC Halaal Trust (MJCHT).

    4.5 The fee is non-refundable.

    4.6 All invoices must reflect (an official stamp/typed) VAT Registration Number on the Company’s Invoice.

    4.7 A fee-structure schedule is available at the MJCHT offices, tailor-made per Application. (Below is an Outline-Specimen of what it entails).


  • Normal Terms


  • Payments are due upon presentation of Invoices (P/D Cheques are not acceptable) – EFT / DIRECT Payments are preferred.


  • Rebates


  • Group (single invoice) discounts will be considered (on justifiable motivation).


  • Annual Increment


  • The annual increment in fees shall be 10%.


  • General Requirements


  • 5.1 A minimum of two full-time Muslim personnel who are well-informed about halal standards and requirements, shall be on site and in control of goods received, at all times.

    5.2 Non-Muslims may be trained and oriented on especially the halal standards and requirements for the above on-site duties and responsibilities, but they must, still and all, be under Muslim supervision.

    5.3 The MJC Halaal Trust must be informed timely whenever the Business Name/Address changes or new premises are used and/or acquired.

    5.4 The MJC Halaal Trust must be informed timely prior to changes or additions, however small or large, are being made to the halal certified product-ingredients, flavouring, etc.

    5.5 No commodities, other than the halal-approved commodities, are allowed inside the halal specified spaces/section(s) of the business or facility.


  • Special Conditions


  • 6.1 The Applicant hereby agrees to abide by all written instructions stipulated and decisions taken by the MJC Halaal Trust, from time to time.

    6.2 Failure to observe the above conditions shall be deemed a violation of the agreement and as such the halal certificate shall be withdrawn and the fact made known to the Muslim public.

    6.3 The MJC Halaal Trust reserves the unconditional right to withdraw the halal certificate. Such a decision shall be taken solely by the MJC Board of Trust, without furnishing any reason(s) and it shall be binding on the Applicant.

    6.4 The MJCHT pledges that all information the applicant/client supplied and/or obtained from him/her will be dealt with integrity and confidence. No information will be divulged to any other person or business, except with the prior approval of the applicant.


  • Declaration


  • The Applicant acknowledges and accepts the above-mentioned conditions and requirements:


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