The Halal certificate of Fresher’s Butchery at Food Lover’s Market in Access Park, Cape Town, has been suspended with immediate effect by the Muslim Judicial Council’s Halaal Trust (MJCHT).The suspension was imposed after reports of non-compliance to the MJC’s Halaal standards and operating procedures. “We are currently investigating claims that Fresher’s Butchery is not complying…

Islamic Leadership


Some people articulate that leaders are born, while others argue that they are bred. Probably, a blend between the born and bred leader would throw down the argument. Nonetheless, the old-fashion way of choosing or electing leaders by ‘popular-vote’ for a company, organization, sports club, masjid or country has proven to be problematic and sometimes…



Sausage-making is an age-old home tradition, whereby meat scraps and fats were mixed and stuffed into animal intestines or casings in a cylindrical shape to become a sausage. Curing, drying or smoking was and is generally the process used for preserving sausages. The casings, on the other hand, could have an animal or synthetic base….