Gelatin – A Practical Depiction

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Gelatine (E-Library)



In the contemporary global food industry and markets, the usage and eating of gelatin (sometimes spelt: “gelatine”) by Muslims have become a subject-matter that requires jurisprudential, amongst other religious, juridical, technical and scientific considerations. Many questions are raised, like: is gelatin ḥalāl or not; can Muslims eat gelatin or must they refrain from eating whatever contains gelatin? Is the gelatin derived or extracted from non-Islāmic slaughtered animals ḥarām or not? Furthermore, is there something like ḥalāl gelatin and ḥarām gelatin? Are the quality and nutritional value of the ḥalāl gelatin less or better than the non-ḥalāl gelatin? Herewith, we attempt to address these questions.