Islamic Standards for Animal Stunning

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Islamic Standards for Animal Stunning

Islamic Standards for Animal Stunning written by Achmat Bin Yusuf Sedick-Carr.

In this document/presentation we are primarily looking at the relationship between the human being and the animal world, particularly the effects or impact of stunning the permissible (alāl) animal before killing it. Many books, articles or researched papers have been written on animal stunning, yet this is another attempt to look at ‘Islāmic animal stunning’ within the framework of international Slaughter Standards, viz.:

  • A scientific (technical) perspective
  • A legislative perspective
  • Shar’ī and/or Fiqhi (Islāmic Law & Jurisprudential) perspectives

The intention of this document is to derive a standard for animal stunning, in accordance with Islāmic law, which by ***’s Leave (inshā-Allāh) will be compatible to the international standards and contemporary trends of stunning within the global alāl industry.