Get halal certifiedHalal Certification” is a declaration that the halal certified entity or facility, or commodity, or consumable has met with the legal requirements and criteria for halal. Literally, “halal” means permissible (lawful) to do, eat, drink and/or to be involved in.

“Certification” is a process of certifying and certificating. Procedurally, the halal certifier takes the amanah (responsibility, duty and obligation) of ensuring that consumables or commodities are halal and/or halal-compliant, thus meeting all halal standards. This involves controlling, monitoring, supervising, inspecting and auditing the halal management-structures of the entire halal operation or “halal-chain” from A to Z.

Once all the halal requirements are met and the halal-controls are in place, a halal certificate is issued. This certificate validates that all the approved commodities or merchandises are halal-authenticated, thus fit for Muslim consumption.