Basic Conditions for Certification Application

Steps for applying for Halal Certification




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Issuing a MJCHT Halal Certificate 

Once all the halal requirements are met, an original MJCHT halal certificate with a dedicated company registration HT number will be issued for the certified facility/premises.

Validity of the MJCHT Halal Certificate

The MJCHT Halal Certificate is valid for one year.

If there are any breaches in or wilful contraventions of the Terms and Conditions (T&C) of the halal certificate contractual agreement by the Certificate Holder, the MJCHT reserves the right to revoke the halal certificate, without notice.

Renewal of MJCHT Certificate

The MJCHT Halal Certificate is renewable each year on expiry date of the certificate.

The renewing of the certificate is pending if all the conditions and requirements of the contractual agreement are met.