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Malaysia – Matrade targets RM50Billion exports for 2020

Organised by Matrade, Mihas offers Malaysian exporters a platform to showcase their halal brands, and visitors will also be able to witness the conducive halal ecosystem that Malaysia has in place. — Foto Bernama  KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 6 — The Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) aims to achieve its RM50 billion halal export target by year-end by enhancing…

Halal Requirements for Saudi Arabia

Following in the footsteps of its neighbouring country United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia has begun introducing halal regulatory system in the last couple of years. Saudi Arabia began setting up a Halal Center within Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) followed by the introduction of an approval system of foreign halal certification bodies. The…

Ramadhan Kareem

No Mislabeling Of Imported Halal Meat In Singapore, Says Minister

The authorities are not aware of any mislabelling of halal meat taking place here, said Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Masagos Zulkilfi, who rejected such allegations reported by overseas media outlets. “When it comes to processes for certifying food, Muis (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore) has ensured there are robust processes,” he said, adding the council…

Turkey: Declaration of World Halal Summit 2020

TURKEY: DECLARATION OF WORLD HALAL SUMMIT 2020 World Halal Summit (WHS) 2020, Istanbul under the theme “Halal for All: “Halal in All Aspects, From Production to Consumption”, supported by leading organizations in their relevant sectors, brought academicians, researchers, stakeholders, professionals together with policy makers and pioneers of halal industry in both online and offline platform…

Malaysia Reels From Fake Halal Meat Scandal, Consumer Mistrust

Malaysia reels from fake halal meat scandal, consumer mistrust  Malaysian officials on Saturday implored local and international consumers to trust the country’s halal standards after a fake certification scandal rocked its meat trade. Government’s certification process under the spotlight after cartel selling non-halal meat for 40 years exposed  KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian officials on Saturday implored…

Brazil – BRF Concludes Buyout Of Saudi Processing Unit

Brazil: BRF concludes buyout of Saudi processing unit Courtesy HalalFocus – Salama The Brazilian food company strengthens its foothold on the international market with manufacturing operations in Saudi Arabia. It will invest USD 7.2 million in expanding capacity at facilities formerly owned by Joody Al Sharqiya Food. São Paulo – Brazil’s BRF, one of the…