Requirements and criteria

All applicants may apply to the MJCHT, during office hours, Mondays to Fridays.

All applicants must follow the Applications Procedure.

All applications are subject to scrutiny and approval by the MJCHT.

All applications must be on the MJCHT’s Application Form.

All Application Forms must be completed in clear print-letter handwriting.

All Application Forms must be originally (not computerized) signed by an officially authorized person and returned to the MJCHT’s offices.

Such signed Application Forms may be faxed copies or computer scanned copies.

All applicants must be agreeable to full halal-control over the MJCHT approved halal-certified section, facility, production/processing plant or abattoir, or premises.

All administrative details, as per Application Form, must be in order and correct.

An Initial Inspection & Assessment of the facility/premises, duly applied for halal certification, will be conducted by an official from the MJCHT.

The applicant will have to facilitate and comply with any adjustments, changes or additions and/or corrective measures to the facility/premises in order to render the facility/premises conducive for halal compliance and halal control.

All standards of health, hygiene, food safety and security and HACCP must be observed and certified copies of the relevant Certificates must be attached to the MJCHT Application Form.

All Islamic Cleansings must be advised by and conducted under the strict supervision of the MJCHT. This includes all crockery, cutlery, and cooking utensils; equipment, chillers, freezers and cold rooms, etc.

Any contamination or cross-contamination of the halal facility/premises, section or commodities, including during the handling, processing, storage and transporting processes, must be removed and avoided, at all times.

No pork, its by-products, wine and/or any alcoholic beverages, or any other non-halal commodities may be produced, processed, handled, prepared, stored, served, sold, or consumed at any of the MJCHT halal certified/approved sections, facilities, production or processing plants, or abattoirs, or premises.

There must be no exchange or mixing of commodities, crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils and equipment in the halal and non-halal sections, whether in preparation, production, processing, collection, washing/cleaning, drying, receiving, or storing.

No non-halal foods, beverages, or any other non-halal consumables may be brought onto, or consumed at the halal-certified sections/premises.

All the suppliers, locally or internationally, including imports and by-products to the MJCHT halal certificate-holder, be it an abattoir/plant, facility or premises, etc., must be halal certified either by the MJCHT or by any other bona-fides halal certifying authority, duly endorsed by the MJCHT.

All ancillary commodities/ingredients, like supplements, food additives, flavourings, emulsions, enzymes, colouring, stabilizers, sweeteners, preservatives, as well as purification/cleansing agents, etc. must be pre-approved by the MJCHT for incorporating it into the halal-certified commodity or operation.

There must be, at least, two equally qualified and trained Muslim employees over-seeing and working in the MJCHT halal-certified section, facility, production or processing plant or abattoir, or premises.

All the slaughterers at the cattle/sheep/goats, etc. abattoirs or poultry plants must be MJCHT approved/licensed slaughterers, and in accordance with the MJCHT Slaughter Standards.

New applications must be submitted to the MJCHT for each subsidiary outlet and/or franchised scheme of MJCHT’s Halal Certificate Holder and individual halal certificates will be issued for each subsidiary outlet and/or franchised scheme.