Non-Conformity Policy

The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust [MJCHT] may only issue certificates if all Halal requirements have been fulfilled following the audit (initial/re-assessment). In case of non-conformity, the auditors will document the shortcomings in a non-conformity report which will be issued to the client who should implement corrective action as advised by the auditor. 

All non-conformities must be eliminated or complied with, in the stipulated time of the Corrective Action Request (CAR) Form or by the Auditor.

If necessary, the MJCHT will repeat the audit in full or in part. The resulting costs will be invoiced in accordance with the current price list, based on the effort required.

Non-conformity may result in the cancellation, suspension or withdrawal of the certification. Thereafter, the client may not use the certificate as a trade mark. 

The client shall never use the certification and trademark in such a way that it undermines the reputation of MJCHT.