Turkey: Declaration of World Halal Summit 2020


World Halal Summit (WHS) 2020, Istanbul under the theme “Halal for All: “Halal in All Aspects, From Production to Consumption”, supported by leading organizations in their relevant sectors, brought academicians, researchers, stakeholders, professionals together with policy makers and pioneers of halal industry in both online and offline platform by the attendance of prominent speakers in the halal field, throughout its sessions, the speakers focused on:

  • –  Halal Market And Halal Quality Infrastructure
  • –  Halal Standardization: New Challenges and Opportunities
  • –  OIC/SMIIC Standards on Conformity Assessment
  • –  The Role of Islamic Finance in Production to Consumption
  • –  Halal Lifestyle
  • –  Halal Tourism
  • –  Recent Developments in Halal Technology
  • –  Halal Products In Daily Life
  • –  Halal Pharmaceuticals,
  • –  Halal and Authenticity Testing and
  • –  Recent Developments and Opportunities in Halal Industry.As WHS Organizing Committee, we hereby declare;

1. Noting

  • –  OIC/SMIIC Standards in Halal food, cosmetics, tourism, conformity assessment, supply chain and other relevant fields
  • –  role of the SMIIC in Halal Quality Infrastructure
  • –  importance of the clear identification of the role of public and private institutions inHalal issues
  • –  certification and accreditation practices as per OIC/SMIIC Standards
  • –  fraud certificate problem in Halal certification
  • –  importance,needsandrecommendationsforcapacitybuildingintheOICand Non-OICCountries in Halal issuesENTIRELY PROMOTES the collaborative work done under the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) to produce standards on Halal Issues that relates to products, services, certication and accreditation for OIC and non-OIC region globally, and

INVITES all relevant parties to use and implement OIC/SMIIC Standards; 2. Taking into consideration,

  • –  the role of Islamic finance on investment
  • –  Growth and opportunities in the integration between the Halal economy and Islamicfinance
  • –  The role of Islamic fintech in financial inclusion
  • –  Sustainable Halal ecosystem and the role of Islamic finance
  • –  Fintech-based financial inclusion and bank risk-taking by looking evidence from OIC countriesHIGHLIGHTS the needs for financial inclusion by fintech technologies governed by the principles laid down by Islamic Rules, andSUPPORTS the using of fintech for financial inclusion by all relevant parties and especially by actors of the Halal industry;

3. Considering

  • –  The importance of awareness of Halal lifestyle and the growing risk of anti – halalmovements in Europe
  • –  The role of Halal food and the importance of Halal earnings in Halal lifestyle
  • –  New product development and safe tourism in Halal tourism sector
  • –  Expectations of muslims from the muslim travel market and new opportunities for Halal tourism,
  • –  Impact of the artificial intelligence on Halal food inspection and certification
  • –  Remote assessment and audits in the field of Halal
  • –  Verification and authenticity of Halal certificates
  • –  Food traceability in agriculture and halalUNDERLINES that the growing interest to the Halal tourism services and Halal lifestyle with new opportunities, needs, trends and tools, brings the need for clear identification and standardization of the Halal tourism products and services,SUPPORTS the use of technological tools to improve the Halal conformity assessment activities and continue the audit and assesments under the Covid-19 Pandemic conditions,CONDEMNS anti – halal movements and Islamophobic actions against Muslim consumers a n d Islamic rules;

4. Also noting

  • –  Needed standards to regulate the many different types of pharmaceuticals
  • –  Stakeholders’ Roles in instilling respect towards informed decisions on Halal pharmaceutical
  • –  Multivariate analysis on gelatin speciation
  • –  Evaluation of Halal testing practices, food additives and Halal food preservative in termsof Islamic lawPUTS EMPHASIS on the importance of the scientific studies as an input to the development of standards on Halal pharmaceuticals, testing methods and other relevant issues,PROMOTE the preparation of the Halal pharmacopoeia as a long term project and a cornerstone in halal pharmaceuticals,CONDEMNS any attempt to misuse the halal for any purpose

5.  RECOMMENDS this declaration to political representatives, religious officials, producers, service providers, scientific and academic communities, halal certification bodies, institutions accreditation, standardization and financial institutions, trade and tourism chambers;

6.  REMINDS Halal is for all in all aspects, from production to consumption;

THANKS to all organizers, speakers, supporters, e-exhibitors and participants for their kind contributions.

Istanbul, December 23, 2020

Courtesy SALAMA @ HalalFocus