Halal Animal Slaughtering Standards

Generally, ‘slaughtering’ in this Islāmic throat-slitting guideline booklet implies to cut, slit or to sever four essential vessels in the anterior part of the throat in the animal’s neck, with the intention of killing the animal1 for its meat. We, therefore, prefer using the concept ‘slaughtering’ and ‘throat-slitting’ interchangeably with the same meaning or purpose. Whereby, we deem it more appropriate to use the word / concept ‘throat-slitting’ throughout this guideline booklet.In this guideline booklet, we intend blending, where applicable, the principles of the ISO standards, especially that of ISO 17065: 2012 into all the indispensable facets pertaining to Islāmic throat-slitting, thus maintaining and securing ḥalāl integrity, ḥalāl control and ḥalāl compliance of the entire Islāmic throat-slitting procedures and processes from A-Z.