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Melrose Does Not Contain Bacon

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2 March 2020 


The MJC Halaal Trust (MJCHT) has certified the production of Melrose, as halal.  This means that the entire production line from A-Z has been confirmed as halal-compliant.  It further implies that any additive, coloring or flavoring, which is synthetically produced, is halal-compliant, as well.   

Melrose developed a synthetic bacon flavoring to attract their non-Muslim customers.  Because this flavoring is synthetic, it does not compromise the halal status of the product. However, the MJCHT made it clear to the company that the halal stamp should not be placed on a product with the “bacon” synthetic flavour, because the word “bacon” will never reconcile with the word “halal”.  The Islamic position on pork and the aversion to it by the community makes it ludicrous that an item labelled “bacon” would have a halal logo on.    

Printing the word “bacon” on the same label with the MJCHT’s logo has therefore rightfully created shock and disbelief in the Muslim community.    

We have received an apology from Melrose and a confirmation that the labelling error on their part will be rectified with immediate effect.   

I trust that the above-explanation clarifies the matter.  

Shaykh Achmat Sedick  


MJC Halaal Trust    

Below is a copy of the apology and commitment received from Melrose towards remedying their mistake of printing halal stamp on “Bacon” flavoured Melrose.

Author: MJC Halaal Trust